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Welcome and Merry Meet.  
If you haven't been here for awhile this site was updated in March 2004. We encourage you to look around and we always appreciate any of your comments. Now 2005 is here and tis time for Merlin to add to the site soon. More and more folks are talking about using REAL magic in their lives to manifest the life they want.

We have created Merlin's Castle as a place where we can all explore the true meaning of Magic / Magick. 

We are not talking about stage magic where you see magicians pull rabbits out of hats, make people and objects dissapear and reappear and pretty assistants get cut in half.  I am not knocking stage magic because it is fun to watch and I enjoy stage magic as much as the next person.

What we want to talk about here is REAL MAGIC.  Magic that we can use everyday to improve our lives and fulfill our destiny. When we are born we come into this world pure and full of good thoughts and magic. 

As an example when my daughter was just a little girl she had lots of magical friends and a very active imagination.  Our house was full of playful and fun imaginary folks.  We talked to her friends with her and played games with her and her imaginary friends. We still laugh today about some of the antics that involved these friends.  

Most children have no preconceived concepts of what they can and cannot do. As a child the world is before you.  You can do just about anything your heart desires.  We as parents have to teach our children limits to protect them, but many times we go overboard.  What are the two most heard words by children?  NO & DON'T! 

What we learn and do as we travel down life's path creates the person we are today. This is kinda like programming a computer.  What you put is is exactly what you will get out.

The good news is that it is never too late to change. 

When we were born into this world we were created with the seeds of greatness, endowed with infinite magic and engineered for success.  We have the power within us to go back and re-create that infinite magic and make our lives whatever we want. This is where the magic of Merlin comes into play.  We hope to be able to serve as a guide to help you re-create some of that magic from your childhood.

Oliver Wendel Holmes one said "One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."   Merlin will help you stretch your mind through the imagination that you left behind in your childhood.

If you are ready to stretch your mind then enter below.  The only thing we ask is to enter with a truly open mind!


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